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Christina Tetradis

President of Zante Hospitality Group

Vice President of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

President L. Zakynthos Hoteliers Association

«Moving to a sustainable future for tourism in Greece»

Editor Margarita Manousou



The outcome for the year 2023

The year 2023 has special characteristics in terms of tourism facts. Although the beginning was not as dynamic as expected, the numbers for September and October are very positive. We should wait until the end of the year to assess the actual numbers and draw safe conclusions. After all, tourism is a volatile and easily influenced sector, as proved by the events of this summer, such as the heat wave, the wildfires and the catastrophic floods.

Evaluating the effect of tourism in local communities

Speaking as the President of the Hoteliers Association of L. Zakynthos as well as the Vice President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, our goal for Zakynthos and all Greek hotels, is not only the increase in arrivals and consequently the increase in numbers. There is now a clear path to unlock the true potential of the country, aiming to show what Greece really stands for. 

The success and dynamic of the tourist product is now measured in its diffusion in the local community, as well as the positive effects and multiplier benefits to the sectors outside tourism, highlighting culture, history, gastronomy and sectors such as innovation, industry and everything else that makes up the social structure of a place.

Climate Change & Economic Conditions are important factors

It is necessary for the tourism sector to respond to the challenge of climate change to remain competitive and develop further towards sustainability evolving into a product of high quality and economic value, with a lower environmental footprint.

The coordinated transition of Hospitality towards the green economy is a one-way path, reshaping the identity of Hotels. It can be carried out by implementing energy saving actions at the hotel unit level for optimal performance in a horizontal way, by redefining the operation of the units towards the management and treatment of waste, and the integration of Hotels in eco-labels systems, the use of local products, with the "Greek Breakfast" and "Boutique Hotels" certification. The use of renewable energy sources (RES) can reduce operating costs and lead to more affordable rates for tourists.

Value for Money is a Reference Point no matter what

The year in total shows that the results will be positive. However, it is a fact that we have a complete total recall of competition and we must protect the "value for money" of our tourist product. The difficulty is that we have to achieve it in a conjuncture of inflation and price revaluation in wage costs and interest rates.

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