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Discover the Paralos Lifestyle.

A lifestyle inspired by the timeles spirit of Greece.

With a passion for hospitality, constant training, innovative thinking and respect for our culture and environment, our people and a half-century of experience in our field are our power.

Together, we move forward to a new era, creating guest experiences that awaken all senses.

Influenced by the ethics and customs of Greece and Crete, PARALOS HOSPITALITY has developed a com- plete proposal for the management of hotel units, promoting the renowned Greek Hospitality.


• Ethics – Customs – Local Culture

• Gastronomical Journey of Experiences based on Greek local products and recipes

• Wellbeing

• Social and Environmental responsibility

• Authentic service

We strive to orientate the hotels of our portfolio to highlighting the culture, history, gastronomy, and natural attractions of each region, in a contemporary, modernly designed and excellently organized hotel environment. Each Paralos Hotel connects the traveler to the destination for an unparalleled and authentic guest experience.

Paralos Irini Mare

Paralos Irini Mare provides a tranquil experience of laid-back luxury in southern Crete, boasting stunning Libyan Sea vistas while highlighting nature, genuine hospitality, farm-to-table dining, and eco-conscious design and practices, all deeply rooted in the essence of the island.

Paralos Venus Suites

Paralos Venus Suites seamlessly blends contemporary luxury design with personalized hospitality, featuring regional flavors crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, along with eco-conscious stylish suites, fine- dine cuisine, and a warm, inviting atmosphere for an exquisite getaway.

Paralos Lifestyle Beach

Paralos Lifestyle Beach is an adults-only retreat right on the Cretan Sea, providing attentive services, exceptional cuisine, and a peaceful ambiance within elegant surroundings, where the blue of the numerous pools harmonizes with the sea.

Paralos Kosta Alímia

Paralos Kosta Alímia offers beachside luxury living inspired by the Cretan coastline, combining meticulous attention to detail with innovative design for a unique hospitality experience, featuring stately rooms, elevated dining, signature drinks, bespoke services, and breathtaking Aegean Sea sunsets.

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