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... is the moment when time lingers,

like a river flowing gently

in the garden of life where dreams bloom,

as blossoms in the lemon tree,

and olive leaves weave into a golden wreath.



The Free Spirit

Embrace the Spirit of Freedom


For free-spirited luxury travelers, Greece is an alluring canvas waiting to be painted with the colors of adventure and wanderlust. Beyond the beaten path, Greece offers a tapestry of experiences that will ignite your senses, from the scent of wildflowers to the rhythms of traditional music.


See: Hidden Gems and Untouched Beauty

Discover new neighbourhoods throughout Greece that blend sophistication with authenticity. The Pangrati area - the new luxurious meeting point in Athens, brimming with vivid days and vibrant nightlife. Visit the Goulandris Museum, a neoclassical gem "housing" significant exhibits of modern art. Stroll down to the Thiseion area, the ancient meeting point, the philosophical exchange place for Athenians, and a significant shopping center for Romans later. Explore mystical caves throughout the country, like the spectacular caves of Diros in the Peloponnese, or take a road less traveled to charming castle towns or villages like Monemvasia and Mystras, where medieval architecture meets seaside tranquility.


Smell: The Aroma of Nature's Bounty

As a free spirit, you'll be drawn to the intoxicating scent of wildflowers that adorn the Greek countryside. Hike through the hills of Crete with herbs grow uniquely there or wander through the lush landscapes of Mainalon or Zakynthos, breathing in the scent of blooming flora. Visit local markets, where 

the earthy aroma of olives, artisan cheeses, and freshly baked bread will envelop you. Embrace the freedom to savor the authentic scents of Greece's culinary treasures.


Taste: A Feast of Traditional Flavors

Dine at small, family-run tavernas hidden in village alleys, where locals gather for long, leisurely meals or in all-day “gastrocafe” that combines tradition with delicate modern touches. Delight in meze platters filled with dolmades, fava, and tzatziki, and savor dishes like gemista (stuffed vegetables) and stifado (beef stew). Join the Tremeeats dinner pop-ups in unexpected places. Whether it is on an unparalleled sandy beach by the sea, within the forest, or at an exquisite winery, art, and culture are always “on the table”.


Hear: Soulful Sounds of Greece

Join in the circle dances at local festivals or simply sway to the traditional melodies of out, “santouri” and Cretan lyra, under the stars.


Touch: Embrace Local Ways of Life

To truly live like a local, immerse yourself in the rhythm of Greek island life. Rent a traditional whitewashed villa on a lesser-known island like Serifos or Ikaria. Wake up with the sunrise, collect your breakfast from the village bakery, and spend your days exploring hidden coves and mingling with locals. Participate in olive harvesting or grape stomping during the harvest season. Join the locals in traditional celebrations and festivals where you can dance, feast, and feel the warmth of Greek hospitality.

Exclusive Traveller

A Luxurious Greek Filoxenia

Greece, a land of timeless beauty and rich heritage, beckons the discerning luxury traveler to embark on a journey like no other. From ancient wonders to cu- linary delights, and traditional melodies to living like a local, Greece offers a sensory feast for those who seek the finest experiences.


See: A Glimpse of Ancient Greece

Imagine yourself strolling through ancient ruins, feeling the rich history and culture of this incredible destination. Explore the wonders of Ancient Greece as you exclusively visit iconic landmarks such as the Parthenon in Athens, the archaeological site in Delphi, the ancient site in Olympia -the place where the Olympic spirit was born, the Minoan Palace of Knossos in Crete or the ancient city of Mycenae – the kingdom of Agamemnon. Immerse yourself in history and marvel at the grandeur of these monuments.


Smell: Fragrances of Mediterranean Flora

Lemon trees, olive groves, and fragrant herbs like oregano and thyme infuse the air with their aromatic essence.


Taste: A Gastronomic Delight

A symphony of flavors combining Mediterranean cuisine with Michelin–starred finesse. Savor traditional Greek recipes prepared with fresh ingredients and a haute cuisine touch.


Hear: Echoes of Traditional Melodies

Enjoy private performances of traditional Greek mu- sic such as rebetiko or more traditional echoes that have evolved for thousands of years. From the cheerful Cycladic and Dodecanese sounds to bold Epirus dances, the lyrical Ionian “mantolinata”, the delicate sounds of Asia Minor or the Cretan rhyming couplets called “mantinades”.


Touch: Live Like a Local with a Touch of Luxury

Live like a local in the lap of luxury by staying in astonishing villas or suites adorned with ancient architecture and furniture. Enjoy personalized concierge services, private pools, and breathtaking Aegean sea views. Book a helicopter tour for a unique perspective of Greece's breathtaking landscapes. Take a private yacht charter and sail along the sea, discovering isolated islands and hidden gems in the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Experience the allure of local life with exclusive insider access to the country's top vineyards and wineries. At the end of the day im- merse yourself in one of the most alluring, romantic, spiritual, or fairytale sunsets around Greece.

Sustainable / Conscious Traveller

A Sustainable Serenity: Greece's Charm

Greece, a land of natural beauty and cultural heritage, invites conscious luxury travellers to embrace sustainability without compromising on luxury. From eco-friendly sightseeing to aromatic delights, ethical cuisine to traditional rhythms, and living like a mindful local, Greece offers a responsible journey that leaves a positive impact.


See: Conscious Exploration

Visit eco-friendly villages and islands throughout Greece as Milia village in Crete and Tilos island in Dodecannese where sustainable living is a way of life. Discover the marine ecosystems of Zakynthos by joining a responsible dolphin and turtle watching tour or the National Sea Park of North Sporades in Allonissos island where the endangered species of Mediterranean seal, Monachus Monachus lives safely.


Smell: Scented Consciousness

Engage your senses with the fragrant aromas of Greece's lush landscapes. Visit organic herb farms and olive groves, where the scent of freshly harvested basil, oregano, and thyme fills the air. Participate in hands-on experiences like olive oil pressing and herb picking. Explore the fragrant beauty of the Peloponnese by wandering through vineyards practicing organic viticulture. Enjoy wine tastings at wineries that champion sustainable wine production.


Taste: A true “locavore” experience

Experience the harmony of ethical cuisine in Greece by dining at farm-to-table restaurants. Savor dishes prepared with locally sourced, organic ingredients, showcasing the richness of Greek biodiversity. For a truly immersive experience, take part in a cooking class led by local chefs. Learn about traditional Greek recipes while supporting sustainable agriculture practices.


Hear: Echoes of Tradition and Sustainability

Immerse yourself in the gentle rhythms of Greece's traditional music. Attend live performances that highlight sustainable practices, such as eco-friendly music festivals.


Touch: Conscious Living Like a Local

Experience the true essence of conscious living by staying in eco-friendly accommodations. Choose boutique eco-hotels and sustainable resorts that prioritize energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible tourism. Engage in volunteer opportunities with local environmental organizations. Contribute to initiatives like beach cleanups, wildlife conservation efforts, and tree planting projects, leaving a positive impact on the communities you visit.


High-End Chic

The Epitome of Elegance

A High-End Chic Luxury Journey in Greece


Greece, a destination that epitomizes timeless ele- gance, beckons high-end chic luxury travelers to experience a world of sophistication, refinement, and exquisite pleasures. From lavish sightseeing to aromatic delights, culinary excellence to melodic enchantment, and living like a local in style, Greece offers an elite journey like no other.


See: Artful Sightseeing

Begin your sojourn with a private tour of Athens' most prestigious art galleries and museums. Explore the Benaki Museum, showcasing a stunning collection of Greek art, or the Cycladic Art Museum, which houses ancient Cycladic masterpieces. For an immersive experience, arrange for a private viewing with renowned art experts.


Smell: The Fragrance of Opulence

For a personalized scent experience, create a bespoke fragrance that encapsulates your essence, inspired by this land’s aromatic flora such as lemon and citrus, jasmine, or roses. Fragrances that will capture forever the most wonderful memories from Greece as the summertime breeze, pristine beaches, and pine essences. Indulge in healing and rejuvenating spa treatments fea- turing exclusive fragrances and essential oils.

Taste: Culinary Artistry

Dining in Greece is an art form, and you deserve nothing less than Michelin-starred excellence. Savor gourmet Greek cuisine at exceptional restaurants where culinary innovation meets tradition. For authentic Greek flavors, opt for private culinary experiences led by re- nowned chefs. Explore local markets, learn to prepare traditional dishes, and enjoy exclusive tastings of the finest Greek wines.


Hear: Harmonic Bliss

Experience the harmonic delights of Greece with classical music concerts in historical venues. Immerse yourself in the world of Greek music and drama with performances at the ancient Epidaurus Theater or the Herodes Atticus Odeon. Seek out music stages with poetic performances or simply arrange for a private performance at your villa for an intimate musical soirée.


Touch: Immerse in Local Luxury

Live like a local but with a touch of opulence. Rent a lavish villa in an idyllic Greek village, complete with a private infinity pool and a dedicated concierge to fulfill your every desire. Experience the glamour of island hopping via private helicopter or explore the mainland in a chauffeured luxury car. Participate in exclusive wine tastings at renowned Greek vineyards. Delve into the world of Greek wine, savoring exquisite vintages while surrounded by picturesque vineyard landscapes.

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