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Dimitris Fragakis

General Secretary of

Greek National Tourism Organization (G.N.T.O.)


Greece is a traveler’s beloved tourism destination; it attracts millions of visitors annually, offering them unique experiences. Our country manages to shape the evolution of the tourism sector and possesses all the competitive assets required in order to render it an ideal destination.


The Greek National Tourism Organization is the head of the strategic plan for the promotion of tourism. It keeps developing partnerships with the private sector, it launches promotional campaigns, it backs its experienced branches abroad and it cooperates with counterparts overseas, with foreign mass media, tour operators and airline companies.


We aim to assure the development and the sustainability of our tourism industry, a major challenge for the current decade. Therefore, the G.N.T.O. focuses on expanding the season and on streaming the flux both in time and space. Moreover, it studies the sustainable practices to adopt in the tourism sector, in the light of the climate crisis that affects Greece as well. We create new campaigns, we promote new tourism products, we invest on the authenticity and on the life – time experiences a traveler may live everywhere in Greece at any time of the year.


The tangible results of our non – stop systemic work for the promotion of tourism mirror already in figures. In fact, the achievements are being registering constantly higher compared to years 2019 and 2022.


I am very confident for the perspectives of the Greek tourism, given that our country offers an evolving, differentiating, updating tourism product.

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