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Eleni Andreadis

Sani/Ikos Group ESG Executive Director

on Climate Change

Editor Margarita Manousou

Climate change is a global issue that has now unfortunately become a part of our everyday life across the world and in Greece, affecting all sectors of the economy. We experienced its severity during this summer with prolonged heatwaves, wildfires and devastating floods.

For an average tourism business, a sustainability strategy based on ESG criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance) has evolved from being desirable to absolutely essential for effective risk management. Among other significant issues in the overall spectrum of sustainability, a holistic strategy implies a substantial contribution to mitigating climate change and implementing adaptation measures to be better prepared for the impacts of climate change. A wise and comprehensive strategy from the private and public sector will also help us safeguard Greece's future as a tourism destination, as well as potentially and hopefully lead us to become a sought-after sustainable destination.

In our Group, we established the Sani Green and Ikos Green programs 15 years ago and have set a target for net zero emissions by 2030. We already operate on 100% renewable electricity, are carbon neutral, and aim to achieve the net zero emissions target within the next seven years. Part of our triple zero commitment is use zero single-use plastics and lead zero waste to landfills by next year, 2024, for all our resorts. To achieve these ambitious goals, we have been significantly investing in renewable energy, electrification of our operations and fleet, in energy and water management systems, waste reduction practices, and single-use plastic elimination, among other areas, while we are working with scientific institutes and NGOs to protect the ecosystems around our hotels, as well as designing ecotourism initiatives for guests and the local community.

The tools offered by the current regulatory framework and the EU Green Deal, as well as the demand for measurable sustainability performance by all stakeholders, along with the necessary - and pressing - action that needs to be taken by the State, create a unique opportunity to shield and protect our tourism product. To achieve this, we must act urgently at every level with a plan, substantial investment and consistency.

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